"The absolute best way to get fun, unique, and energetic photos of your friends and family who came to the wedding!" -Amber C

Our photo booth is modern, sleek, and has all the tools necessary to take stunning pictures of you and your guests, all night long... 



The photo booth uses a DSLR camera & a large studio strobe to take high definition photos of you and your guests. The attached printer will print our photos in your customized format -- making it a truly personal experience. 




We have multiple different backdrops to choose from... 

  • White - for a clean, studio look
  • Gold Sequins - for that extra glamorous shine
  • Black - For the black tie enthusiast

We can also set up in front of a unique space at your venue... many of our clients prefer brick walls, stone walls, etc. for a rough urban feel. 


Our standard package is 3 hours long and offers a full-time photo booth attendant. If you have already booked your wedding photography with us, we extend that time throughout your entire reception!


The screen & print out are both customized to fit your weddings unique style to give you and your guests something to take home that is both beautiful and one-of-a-kind. 



We look forward to being at your wedding!

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