"The absolute best way to get fun, unique, and energetic photos of your friends and family who came to the wedding!" -Amber C

Our photo booth is modern, sleek, and has all the tools necessary to take stunning pictures of you and your guests, all night long... 


What we offer

Our photo booth comes to your event with a backdrop, props, a customized template, unlimited prints and a friendly attendant! We have a 2, 3 and 4 hour packages and offer custom packages as well.

Our photo booth is perfect for weddings, corporate events, private events, house parties, birthday parties — all we need is you, your friends, family, or colleagues!


The photo booth uses a DSLR camera & a large studio strobe to take high definition photos of you and your guests. The attached printer will print our photos in your customized format -- making it a truly personal experience. 




We have multiple different backdrops to choose from... 

  • White - for a clean, studio look

  • Gold Sequins - for that extra glamorous shine

We can also set up in front of a unique space at your venue... many of our clients prefer brick walls, stone walls, etc. for a rough urban feel. 


Our standard package is 3 hours long and offers a full-time photo booth attendant. If you have already booked your wedding photography with us, we extend that time throughout your entire reception!


The screen & print out are both customized to fit your weddings unique style to give you and your guests something to take home that is both beautiful and one-of-a-kind. 



We look forward to being at your wedding!

Frequently Asked Questions


Cameron & Irish are San Diego wedding photographers with a photography passion specializing in the wedding industry. Whether they’re photographing your wedding, chaperoning your photo booth [or both!!], they are ready to provide you the best quality and service. www.vacayphoto.com


Vacay Photo Booth is the ultimate all-in-one photo booth solution for any event, party, wedding… you name it! We provide unique backdrops that cater to your style along with customizable props, printouts, and decor to ensure your photo booth experience is an unforgettable one.

We are a San Diego-based company but we are passionate about travel! We are readily available in San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles counties. We are always willing to come to you — our booth is plane friendly 🙂

We are always ready to book and have availability 24/7, 365 days a year. We want to provide you with a photo booth for every occasion, at any time.

Booking is easy! Using our online contact form, give us as many details about your event as possible and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

We require a up to a 10×10′ space to fit the photo booth and backdrop. If you are using additional props or custom props, we have a 6′ table to display them all!

We typically require 45 minutes for setup and 30 minutes to breakdown. This ensures that we have everything all perfect and ready for your big day!

Our state of the art photo booth uses a Canon DLSR camera to take professional, always sharp photos of you and your guests! All the controls are displayed right below the camera on a 10″ tablet. After the photos are taken they are sent down to the printer and come out in either a 4×6 print or two 2×6 strips — your choice!

Nobody likes a limits — so why include them in something as fun as our booth! The photo booth will be open for your guests to print, text, and share as long as we are at the event…

All custom logos, graphics, etc. have to be sent to us a week in advance to make sure we can design the perfect template! If no customization is needed, we will provide a custom template with your name and date & any other information you want displayed.

Custom Props
Please! Custom props are the best and really add to the fun for you and your guests. If you would like help making or acquiring custom props, let us know and we will make it happen!

Have fun, enjoy yourself, & let us worry about the rest!