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Jeff Jones has been a professional videographer since 2013, specializing in visual story telling. 

"I have always had a deep appreciation for the story telling aspect of video, and weddings tell some of the most intimate and meaningful stories. I strive to capture each couple’s personality to tell their story in the most personal way possible.  

I consider it a privilege to be able to document the beautiful story between two people and the day they share it with their loved ones.  Working together with Vacay Photo provides a valuable partnership between film and photo. Together we share a vision and can provide an expressive package of memories that will last a lifetime.

In addition to wedding videography, my work in media involves philanthropic subjects and efforts.  I also enjoy working with craftsmen and artists, as well as small businesses, to effectively capture their unique services and passions.”

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Vacay Photo Booth is a San Diego-based business run by wedding photographers. Our passion is to tell the perfect story of your most memorable day! We want to be there with you for the whole experience, not just the day of. There are so many memories and opportunities to capture. You will be blown away by the moments you might have missed. One of the best things about a photo booth is the ability to immerse yourselves, along with your friends and family, in a vibrant, exciting photo booth capable of capturing every moment.

We are excited to build a beautiful portfolio of memories for you to look back on.

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